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Online Survey Software for Online Business

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One Minute Poll is your "Best of Class" online survey creation, response collection and real-time response analysis service.

  • Use the survey wizard to quickly and easily create your professional looking survey.

  • Publish your survey to your website or host it directly from the One Minute Poll website.

  • View your responses graphically in real time using the powerful analysis tools.

All you need is your web browser. There is nothing to download, nothing to install, no maintenance and no administration.

Fully Loaded
One Minute Poll comes fully loaded with all the powerful features you would expect. Here are some of the most popular...
Multiple questions types.
Mandatory question enforcement.
Modifiable look and feel.
Capture respondent's email and full name.
Redirect the respondent to a web page of your choice or show them a predefined thank you message.
Optionally receive a filled in survey via email every time someone responds.
Allow others to view your survey responses.
Allow participants to vote more than once from the same machine.
Each survey you publish has your ClickBank affiliate link allowing you to earn money from your surveys.
Summarised view of your responses.
Powerful text analysis tool breaks the text responses down into common used words and phrases so you can find exactly what you are looking for.
Search engine so you can search across all responses using a defined filter i.e. show me all the respondents between the age of 30-35 who are looking to buy a car in the next 6 months.
Display each individual response in detail.
Display all responses and copy and paste them to a spreadsheet, email or document.
More features...
Track Record of Performance and Resilience
One Minute Poll clients have been confidently using the online survey software since 2002.

We insist on high standards and invest in a web host ( that guarantees performance and stability to ensure that your surveys are ready to receive responses 24/7.

What do our clients say...
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